Women: How To Determine Your Body Type

Knowing your body type helps you to choose the right outfit and also helps to determine what is the best way to train your body. Here is how you can determine what your body type is at LuxTime.

Measure your body

  • Measure your shoulders. You could ask someone to do this for you. Start measuring from the top of your shoulders to all the way around. The measuring should be done at the high point of your shoulder.
  • The measuring tape should be used to measure the part of your bust that is the fullest. It should then go all the way to your back. Take care that you do not squish the breast.
  • The smallest part of your waist should be measured which is just above your belly button.
  • Start the measurement from one hip that is below your hip bone and then wraps the tape so that it measures the largest part of the butt

Once these measurements are in place it will let you determine what your body type is. It could happen that your body type falls into more than one category. Like if you use the bust measurement you may be in the A-line category and where you use the shoulder measurement then you are in the hourglass category. If this is the case then you could use both your body types when you are going shopping.

The women body types

The most common types of body types are:

  • Apple – They have a broader shoulder and bust than their hips
  • Banana – The waist measures smaller than the hip and the bust
  • Pear – Where the hip measures more than the bust
  • Hourglass- Where the hip and the bust measure almost the same and the waist is narrower.

Body type calculator

The body type calculator is easily available for you to use that will let you determine what your body type is. All that you need is the measurement of your waist, bust, and your hip.