Verliert Twitter an Bedeutung?

Many people are wondering if Twitter is losing its popularity. None of the social platforms is actually destined to last for a long period. There are many social media platform which has been faded away when newer, better, bolder platforms came into existence. You can check out the Galaxy Marketing Website to know all about the social media platforms in existence. It’s a hard-hitting truth that anything related to technology will become obsolete soon and has to make way for the inventions. This is true not only in social media but all other things that are related to technology.

Twitter is not able to hold on to its users or be the talk of the town. When the twitter came into existence, everyone was excited as it created a platform for people, activists, and thinkers to come together to talk and discuss various issues of their interest. But slowly it has been losing its initial appeal as Twitter has become a place of freewheeling, harassment, bullying, threats, abuse and intimidation. It’s now slowly becoming a platform wherein low-level emotional violence takes place. Quality of the twitter messages has been deteriorating continuously and there are no regulations happening to control this type of negative usage of the platform.

Also, there are many other platforms which had come into existence which offers varied features. The ease of even uploading the photos along with your status has attracted the users to other media. Especially among the young crowd, Twitter has slowly become boring as it does not have additional exciting features which other newly developed social platforms offer to make your post more exciting and colorful.  The new generation is always on the lookout for trying out new things. They get easily bored with one thing and wish to be in trend on all time.