The Ultimate Guide: How to Potty Train A Toddler in a Week

Teaching anything to toddlers is a challenge and potty training probably is the biggest of them all. According to the American American Academy of Family Physicians, toilet training in kids is long drawn and takes anywhere between 3 to 6 weeks. But with the few tips here you can have your toddler trained in a week.

Your child must be ready

Not all toddlers are willing to get potty trained easily. Some kids are naturals and they indicate when their diapers need a change; based on these signals you can slowly train them but others will need some coaxing and even a little bribery to get started. But the biggest sign of readiness is when they can follow simple instructions.

Get a potty chair

Keep a trainer potty chair in your child’s room and let it explore the chair. Teach the child how to sit on it.  encourage the child to sit on it whenever it wants to go potty, still wearing the diaper of course. Once the child is comfortable with this step, we can move on to diaperless days.

Step two

Regularise meal time and potty time so that every day the child feels the need to use the toilet at the same time. Now take it to the toilet and let it sit and do its business; at times there may be no result, but be patient with yourself and the child. Talk to it, sing or even read, let it feel comfortable and then it will poop. Praise even the minutest effort.


The first few days and weeks can be hard and there will be accidents but do not blame the child; be persistent and encourage the child to use the toilet every time. You must let go of the diapers completely during this phase.

The above steps will lay the foundation for diaper-free potty days; you can, in fact, use beyblade burst toys to distract the child away because some kids do get a little nervous of seeing their potty go down the hole.