The Best Ways to Talk to Your Teen About Substance Use

Talking to a young adult or teen is quite a challenging process. However, having ongoing, meaningful conversations about alcohol and drugs are keys to help your children to be healthy and safe. There are hundreds of kids at a young age who are getting admitted to the rehabilitation center every year. Check this out in various websites to get a clear picture about the horrific details about drug abuse in children.

Below mentioned are few ways one should approach their children with regard to drug abuse.

Choose a good place and time- You need to find the appropriate time to raise the subject of drug use like before bed, after dinner, on the way back from school, etc.  Better to take the kid out for a drive or take a walk, as with less eye contact the child won’t feel he is under the microscope.

Approach your talk with your children with active listening, openness, and ‘I’ statements- You need to keep your mind open if you wish to have a productive conversation. You should remain curious and calm so that the child would be more receptive in listening to things you are saying. Better to ask open-ended questions so that you would get a better response other than a ‘no’ or ‘yes’. Always use ‘I’ statements so that you can easily express yourself without making your child feel judged.

Offer support and empathy- Teen years could be tough, let the child know that you understand what they are going through. You should make them learn that everyone struggles one point of time or another, but alcohol or drugs are not the healthy way to deal with your problems.

Understand about the parent’s influence- Parents have the greatest influence. Kids who learn about risks related to drug issue at home are less likely to try out them.