How to Avoid This Mistake with Your Chiwawa

Raising a dog, can be kind of like raising a child. The stress and anxiety that it gives you can drive you crazy. The amount of money you need to spend of doggy gear and dog food adds up. However, you do gain a friend for life. Many people go into owning a dog with little to no experience with dogs. They try to learn on the way, and while that can work, I recommend you do research on dogs before you get one. Never forget that if you have a dog, be prepared to clean up number one and number two on the carpet. People usually do fine with big dogs, letting them roam around, and generally be independent. Small dogs, are treated way differently than big dogs. People don’t give them any freedom and baby them like a small child. Small dogs have a difficult time exploring the world, people usually keep them inside the house because they are afraid something might happen to them if they go outside. People think small dogs are really vulnerable because of their size, and a hawk might swoop down and snatch them away if they take them outside. When dog owners put their dog in their backpack or purse, they teach the dog to not walk by themselves. Dogs have legs for a reason, to explore the world. They don’t want to be carried around like a piece of luggage. Another mistake some people make is that they don’t start training the dog early enough. Many people forget that the small size of the dog means that their bladder is a lot smaller. They can’t hold it in for nearly as long as bigger dogs, so that means more unwarranted carpet accidents. If you are going away, find best outdoor dog kennels as they give the dog freedom, and make sure they are taken care of.