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Curious Facts About How Men’s Bodies Work

Oh my god, such weird facts, I am stumped!

I was only reading up on this great sex fetish called LTC where the man locks up his penis and hands over the key to his partner in a way of totally submitting himself to her fancies. The fetish works great since the wife can role play kinky and open the lock only when she thinks he deserves to make it out with her.

The long period of captivity can also mean that sex when done is hot and steamy. If you think there may be concerns about his peeing, don’t worry because the lock the cock devices are designed in such a way that peeing by hi is easy. Only that he cannot have an erection or if he does then it is going Tobe uncomfortable and obviously, he cannot make it out with anyone except her and when she decides to open it for him!

Coming back to the weird facts that I read on the website, it claims that unlike women men can think about two totally different things simultaneously. That is why a lot of women have this grudge against their partners that they listen but do not register. Their women you got the answer. Men, on the other hand, are on the receiving end because even if they do want to listen to what their partners are saying they are distracted with their dual thinking capacity as well as the long and winding conversation that their wives will have totally side-lining the main issue at hand.

The variation in the sense of smell and taste:

Wondering why the man does not appreciate your fine taste in perfumes and culinary expeditions? The answer may lie in the evolution. Men are hunters origin and women mostly stayed back at the hearth. This is what the anthropologists say can be the real reason why all the smells are generally alike for most men.

Log on to the site and check out some of the weird differences between men and women now has scientific explanations!…