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The Best Incentives for Your Child to Get Good Grades

We are all taught never to resort to bribes. Corruption is indeed ruining the nation but what relevance does bribing have to do with us? We probably would be thinking that we never bribe anyone but that is definitely not true. If charity begins at home, so does bribing.

Think about it. Have you ever told a friend that if they lend you something that you really want, then you will keep their secret for them or as a parent have you told your kids that if they behave well, then they will be entitled to a simple treat like a cookie? If this is not bribing then what is?

On a serious note, bribing someone to do the right thing may actually do everyone some good. For instance, parents pleading to their children to achieve good grades in the midterms and in return they shall be rewarded with something that they want is not bad after all because it is a way to motivate them to at least try to put in their best efforts and not laze around.

Therefore, for you dear parents out there, here are some great incentive ideas to motivate your child to get better grades in their exams.

  1. Cook up your child’s favorite Be it pasta, cake or an ice cream, you too need to put in an effort to show that your child’s hard work in getting good grades have paid off.
  2. Take them out to the place they love such as the ice cream parlor, pizza place, the zoo, the park, for a movie, or the aquarium.
  3. Get them something cool yet stimulating as a reward like a toy or a book. Every kid loves something that comes packed. Check out some cool stuff right from toddlers to teenager at doodlebuckets.
  4. You could also give them a raise if you are into the habit of giving them pocket money.
  5. Better yet be their fairy godmother and just ask them what they want and grant them one simple wish for every good grade.