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5 Smart Ways to Make Potty Training Fun

Potty training is fun when you do it right. Ensure that you understand your child’s readiness before you start potty training. Different kids take different lengths of time to successfully complete potty training. You need oodles of patience and the right methods to get your kid interested and involved. To begin with, make the bathroom safe and convenient for the kids. Visit to pick kid-friendly toilets for your home. Talk to the kid about potty training or even show a few videos that could motivate the child to give it a try. If the plan seems to fail, stop what you are doing and give it a few days break. After a few days start the potty training exercise all over again. To get even the fussy kids involved here are a few ways to make potty training more fun –

  1. Give the child stars or some form of motivational gestures every time the child successfully uses the potty. This would be a great way to encourage the kid to try and do it right in the future too.
  2. Invest in a good quality potty seat, a style that the child prefers, one that would keep the child convenient. Convenience is the first most attractive aspect for the child.
  3. Pick a color or theme that the child likes when you choose a potty seat. This would be a good way to get the child interested in using the potty seat.
  4. There are plenty of books that contain pictures that show children how to use the potty and why it is good to use it. When parents read such books to their children it can instill their interest.
  5. Set a timer that the child can relate too. It could be some rhyme that the child loves or a chime that the child is attracted to. So when the timer goes off, the child knows that it is time to go to the potty.

Top 10 Ways to Motivate Your Child to Learn

I have been thinking for a while now about this!

Being a millennial and having two children belonging to different genders makes you kind of a confused mother. Yes, apart from the fact that they seem to be genetically wired differently (naturally eh) one of them is self-motivated as far as studying is concerned while the other needs to be pushed now and then to bring her back to the track.

My parents were not involved in my school work except for the modeling projects that I used to bring back home to them. they would sit cutting chart boards and thermocol for my project while I would help them with the gluing bit.

I never had to be reminded about homework or classes or even small speaking assignments. I would be there and up to it all!

Here is a list of ten things you can do in case your child lacks motivation:

  1. Setting goals:

Set a short-term and a long-term goal for them. your help is needed in them is to appreciate the difference in what constitutes which.

  1. Plans work wonders:

To work towards the goals, plans are imminent. Make sure that the plans are practical and simple. Too complicated and difficult ones can be discouraging.

  1. Carrots work:

Appreciate every good step that they take in the right direction. All your prayers and hard work will be answered here if you play your cards well.

  1. Make it competitive:

Create a competitive environment. Kids love to challenge themselves.

  1. Encourage them:

Small failures are bound to come their way. Be encouraging and tell them to push their boundaries.

  1. Take a genuine interest in their progress:

Don’t confuse them with your non-involvement. Make sure that you show them how genuinely interested you are in their progress.

  1. Discover their passion:

Try to understand what fires them and work on their strengths and not weaknesses.

  1. Positivity:

Never ever give up on them.

  1. Don’t allow them to give in to peer pressure:

Use peer pressure to your advantage and not to put them behind. No comparisons strictly with any of their friends that show them in the bad light.

  1. Exciting them:

Make it sound like an adventure and they will soon tow your line!!…