Month: November 2018

Top 10 Ways to Motivate Your Child to Learn

I have been thinking for a while now about this!

Being a millennial and having two children belonging to different genders makes you kind of a confused mother. Yes, apart from the fact that they seem to be genetically wired differently (naturally eh) one of them is self-motivated as far as studying is concerned while the other needs to be pushed now and then to bring her back to the track.

My parents were not involved in my school work except for the modeling projects that I used to bring back home to them. they would sit cutting chart boards and thermocol for my project while I would help them with the gluing bit.

I never had to be reminded about homework or classes or even small speaking assignments. I would be there and up to it all!

Here is a list of ten things you can do in case your child lacks motivation:

  1. Setting goals:

Set a short-term and a long-term goal for them. your help is needed in them is to appreciate the difference in what constitutes which.

  1. Plans work wonders:

To work towards the goals, plans are imminent. Make sure that the plans are practical and simple. Too complicated and difficult ones can be discouraging.

  1. Carrots work:

Appreciate every good step that they take in the right direction. All your prayers and hard work will be answered here if you play your cards well.

  1. Make it competitive:

Create a competitive environment. Kids love to challenge themselves.

  1. Encourage them:

Small failures are bound to come their way. Be encouraging and tell them to push their boundaries.

  1. Take a genuine interest in their progress:

Don’t confuse them with your non-involvement. Make sure that you show them how genuinely interested you are in their progress.

  1. Discover their passion:

Try to understand what fires them and work on their strengths and not weaknesses.

  1. Positivity:

Never ever give up on them.

  1. Don’t allow them to give in to peer pressure:

Use peer pressure to your advantage and not to put them behind. No comparisons strictly with any of their friends that show them in the bad light.

  1. Exciting them:

Make it sound like an adventure and they will soon tow your line!!…

The Top Four Educational Benefits of School Trips

Learning is not restrict4ed to the four walls of a classroom or the premises of a school anymore. Educationists have realized that students need outside school learning through educational tours like the student tours by PPT. Teachers and academicians have realized that individuals retain more when they actually see and experience what they have hitherto read in textbooks. Those in doubt read on to find out the benefits of educational trips.


  1. Reinforce learning achieved in the classroom: It is hard to retain the attention of children in a classroom. Therefore, teachers try to organize trips to science museums and history field trips to retain the spark of excitement that children have when they learn something new. Moreover, when they see in person what they have learned in textbooks, the lesson is reinforced.
  2. Kindles interest: The entire experience of going to a new place, seeing new things and meeting new people kindles a sense of excitement and thrill in students. They are eager to learn. Given the fact that children are keen observers and avid learners of things that interest them, these kinds of trips will rekindle any dwindling interest in studies.
  3. Leads to overall personality development: Nowadays students are taken across borders on an educational This exposes them to a new culture and tradition. Such trips lead to wholesome learning and are not restricted to subject matter only. They get a better perspective of a region and its people and cuisine than their preconceived notions which are a result of TV shows.
  4. A novel experience: Students learn to live together and adjust and adapt to the new environment, living compartment and food. They learn to work as a team and develop a bond with their classmates as they explore new territories. They create memories that will last a lifetime.

Here’s How Parents Can Support Children’s Learning

Parents spend more time with their kids than any other person does. In fact, parents are the first source of knowledge and skills for every child. So it is crucial that the time spent with the kids is utilized in a positive manner and that it aids in the overall development of the child in every way.

There are some parents who do not even believe that the prevalent school system is good, and homeschooling is the only way to go. But it is not true for most of the kids. They need to go to school and learn with other students and then be a part of the mainstream of education, exams, and career. Parents can help their children in many positive ways:

  1. Parents must show that education is important and this should come across in the message conveyed to the children. Then the kids will also understand the significance of knowledge and work.
  2. Limit the time spent on TV and video games by the child. These activities are passive and make the children lose their creativity and the passion for learning. You can divert their attention with productive and educational toys and games like those available on StarWalkKids.
  3. Connect with children. Spend more time with them discussing relevant and contemporary events and this channel of communication should remain open. When children share their apprehensions and fears and parents listen to them, then the problems are sorted out easily and children can focus on academics in a better way.
  4. Encourage them to read. Though there are many interesting games and video streaming services online reading can never be replaced.
  5. Encourage participation in many activities that will help them develop positive social skills.
  6. Encourage social activities so that they have a good friend circle or peer group. This will motivate them to do well and compete in a good way.

Having a good career is really important. For happy and successful life children need to learn many different types of skills and the significance of education cannot be undermined. Parents can contribute to and support their children in this endeavor by following some of the tips given above.…

Women: How To Determine Your Body Type

Knowing your body type helps you to choose the right outfit and also helps to determine what is the best way to train your body. Here is how you can determine what your body type is at LuxTime.

Measure your body

  • Measure your shoulders. You could ask someone to do this for you. Start measuring from the top of your shoulders to all the way around. The measuring should be done at the high point of your shoulder.
  • The measuring tape should be used to measure the part of your bust that is the fullest. It should then go all the way to your back. Take care that you do not squish the breast.
  • The smallest part of your waist should be measured which is just above your belly button.
  • Start the measurement from one hip that is below your hip bone and then wraps the tape so that it measures the largest part of the butt

Once these measurements are in place it will let you determine what your body type is. It could happen that your body type falls into more than one category. Like if you use the bust measurement you may be in the A-line category and where you use the shoulder measurement then you are in the hourglass category. If this is the case then you could use both your body types when you are going shopping.

The women body types

The most common types of body types are:

  • Apple – They have a broader shoulder and bust than their hips
  • Banana – The waist measures smaller than the hip and the bust
  • Pear – Where the hip measures more than the bust
  • Hourglass- Where the hip and the bust measure almost the same and the waist is narrower.

Body type calculator

The body type calculator is easily available for you to use that will let you determine what your body type is. All that you need is the measurement of your waist, bust, and your hip.

7 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Be Better Teachers

Business people need to show potential clients the estimation of their differentiators and advancements, for instance. Also, above all, business people need to show colleagues about organization culture, arrangements, and objectives.

And the majority of that implies that teaching is a major piece of a business person’s activity. Here are a couple of proposals for improving as an educator in your venture.

  1. Be clear, coordinate

With regards to educating, lucidity is crucial. In case you need your groups s well others to comprehend and disguise what’s critical, churn it down and be specific. Convey the imperative information unmistakably and straightforwardly.

  1. Connect exercises to ventures

One of the aspects to instructing business enterprise, and numerous topics, is venture based understanding. That is understanding by getting involved and implementing exercises to the long haul, long-ago ventures. It’s an incredible method to show your colleagues and enable them to understand.

  1. Practice team building

When you plan you’re instructing around activities, place your representatives into groups. Teameducating gives individuals a chance to ingest material by viewing, applying and instructing the rest of the group. It’s a great, enduring commitment.

  1. Develop ownership skills

Numerous business visionaries battle with the appointment, and the individuals who don’t believe in their educating abilities. Provide colleagues a place to securely come up short and create their very personal area, inside the organization system.

  1. Instruct what you are aware of

In case you are a business person, you know your venture and your inspirations superior to anybody else, so instruct that learning. Those are the absolute best exercises of all and the overtime info at recovermywages can also be utilized for further instructions.

  1. Basic reasoning

There’s no reasoning that doesn’t request probably some amount of basic reasoning. Permit colleagues to have a good comprehension of the connections and distinguishing vital regions for individual enhancement.

  1. Assemble a learning society

Assemble a work environment culture that qualities learning all through work. Perceive and bolster your colleagues who seek after and finish instruction objectives. Your colleagues will be apt, their commitments will be more grounded and the exercises you need to instruct will probably adhere to.